New Jersey Launches Prescriptions and Impaired Driving Awareness Campaign

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Photo: Shana Novak / Stone / Getty Images

New Jersey officials have launched a campaign to raise awareness about the potential side effects of prescription medications, including impaired driving. The initiative, announced at a press conference at White Horse Pharmacy in Stratford, is a collaborative effort by the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey, the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety, the Office of Alternative and Community Responses, and the Division of Consumer Affairs.

The campaign will distribute paper pharmacy bags printed with messages about the dangers of driving under the influence of prescription medication to over 900 independent pharmacies across the state. More than 200,000 New Jersey residents are expected to receive these bags over the next few months.

"This initiative recognizes that every pharmacy bag can carry more than just medication. It can carry a life-saving message,” said Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin. “By including impaired driving messaging when medications are dispensed, we’re providing awareness, promoting responsible choices, and safeguarding our communities from the tragic consequences of driving under the influence.”

The campaign aims to remind drivers that impairment doesn’t just come from substances like alcohol or illegal drugs, but also from prescription medications. These can have equally dangerous side effects, yet they often go overlooked. It’s crucial for everyone to understand that impaired driving includes any substance that affects your ability to operate a vehicle safely.

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